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Bumper and Fender Repairs in St Louis can get expensive.  Let's face it, many times people do not turn their minor dings and dents into their insurance company because they know it will raise their insurance premiums.  Often times, car owners will wait till they sell the vehicle before they get it fixed.  Sometimes they choose not to fix it at all!  Cheap Bumper Repair in St Louis is what we offer here at Creative Custom Collision Repair. 

Recent advances in technology have taken car accident repair to a new level of efficiency and affordability. With each development, we are right there, prepared to implement the most effective and cutting-edge methods to quickly take every ding, scratch, and chip out of your car. Our economical plastic bumper repair exemplifies our dedication to hassle-free service for customers in our Fenton/St Louis MO location. 

Fixing plastic bumpers requires the skill of an expert auto body collision technician. Our technician has over 30 years auto collision experience, not only as an expert estimator, but as the technician as well.  

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Do you have minor collision damage to your bumper, fender or other areas of your  vehicle and don't want to pay hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars getting it fixed at a "run of the mill" auto body shop?  Creative Custom Collision Repair of 
St Louis offers a 
cheap & 
alternative to 
getting your bumper/fender 
fixed at high 
priced auto body shops. In some 
case you may need to go to a full service auto body facility but in most cases not.  We can tell you what will work best in your situation.  
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Whether it is your new vehicle/SUV or your teenager's ten year old first car, our Clayton MO auto body services will get your auto collision repair solved timely & affordably.
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